Hate The Gym: Why Not Try Sport?


Sport or gym?

So you want to start the wonderful journey of getting fit and healthy but you have tried the gym many of times or attempted the vast range of exercise dvd’s without any success. What if I told you the gym is not the only place where you can get fit and toned, that there is other options.  In come sport, anything from rock climbing to netball and ice-skating is a great way to start getting yourself more active. In-fact why not do it with a friend or get your family involved as well to double the fun.

Sport can be a really fun way to not only get more active but also learn a new skill, make new friends or a great way to spend time with family. Now you may say but I am not really competitive or I hated P.E when I was a kid. However I guarantee that if the most un-competitive person will do a u –turn and be a beast of a team mate or an opponent when they are having fun.

Forget your experiences as a kid, is so much different when you are an adult. No more of that teasing or being the last picked. It just does not happen when you are in the big adult world. Plus you don’t even have to join a sport club you can just grab a tennis racket and ball and go to the park for example.  No doubt you only ever tried a small sample of sports at school, there is so many more out there. With such a big range of sports available to try, there will something out there for everyone.

Sports to try

·     Ice skating

·     Rock climbing

·     Netball

·     Latin or jive dance

·     Roller Derby

·     Wrestling

·     Basketball

·     Futsal

·     Martial arts

·     Gymnastics

You never know once you get into sport you may also find that the gym all of a sudden becomes quite attractive way of improving for your sport or an as an additional fitness outlet.

Ashley Foster